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Hi all! Glad to have you here! Here's a little bit about me before you browse.

Even though I now call NYC home, I was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York. I grew up dancing, singing, and acting, and when I wasn't performing, I would sketch what I hoped would someday become my very own clothing line. I traveled to NYC a lot as a kid with my mother who would bring me down for tv/film and broadway auditions. I was instantly hooked on both performing arts and fashion.

I come from a family of hard working entrepreneurs. I received my bachelor's degree in Economics, moved to NYC right after graduation, and started pursuing my passion of performance. I worked my way up until I made my Broadway debut in "Hamilton", and I am incredibly proud to say that I am an original cast member of the show. You can find my name and voice on the original cast recording, and my photos on many pages of the coffee table book they sell.

I am currently working on Broadway in "The Cher Show" about the life of Cher. The show marries two things that I have loved for a very long time; broadway and fashion. I mean, Bob Mackie did all the costumes!!! Dreams!!!

I created this blog to share those two loves of mine with you all. Fashion and Broadway. I hope you enjoy!

xo Carleigh


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I let my hair air-dry. My go-to mascara is bought at the drug store. Yes, those jeans from last season are still very, very cool. You have questions, and I'll do my best to have the answers. Feel free to reach out and talk with me!

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